We deal in Reliance RelWood material as its not real wood but looks like real wood. Exterior Cladding But in nature it is not wood.As this material are eco friendly in nature and made artificially with natural fibre and polymer to fulfill the requirement of today's need.

This will help in converting any innovative idea into reality.As these material could be banded or thermotreated upto 360 Degree round or curve.So any application that was challanging before now its been possible with this specialized material.

Now architect can think beyond their limitation that was challeging before few year. So what are you waiting for just ask us or your nearest dealer for any further details.


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This material may be used as substitute of Corian or Acrylic solid Surface,HDMR Board and HPL Sheets for exterior as well interior purpose.If you ask about material price,so its very economical as comparison to any acrylic solid surface.

This Relwood is used for any interior application that a people may visualize that is possible with this material.For example this material can help in any type of partition,table top,for any furniture or decorative item and even it is certified for exterior cladding or exterior application where it can face Extreme temparature even more than 50 degree and this material is water proof also.

So it can survive in any weather.Relwood may be painted also with any type of paint or spray.This material is termite resistance so nothing to worry as this material may be used in place of any ply as mica and vineer can also be pasted over its surface.Decking,Wall paneling for interior as well exterior,hpl sheet Boards are manufactured by Reliance with branc name Relwood now a days.