Mosquito Mesh

Mosquito Mesh

We are manufacturer and the supplier of fly mesh that people generally say mosquito net.

Our mosquito net are excellent and Uv Max Hpl, superior in quality.

Mosquito net helps in protecting from any unwanted fly that enters in our room during opening of doors or window or after getting open passage.

These net also helps in keeping room hygine and ventilated even after opening of doors and windows.

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We believe prevention is better than cure. So, our fly mesh are perfect choice to those who wish to protect their living ambience and you’re family from insects flying in. This smart screens provides effective solution to block out the all above mentioned diseases like dengu and malaria etc. Causing mosquitoes and insects.

We use imported raw material to fabricate these fly mesh.Our mosquito net can be fitted on to all types of traditional wood door/window,aluminium doors/windows, upvc doors/windows.

We have fiber glass mesh roll that comes in the color of grey, black & ivory, secondly stainless steel(ss 304 grade wire mesh roll in natural & black coated, and fibre mesh pattern may be customize as per budget or choice of client. Mosquito net come in different variety depending on  application/requirement

Mosquito nets may have according to following choice:- Pleated mesh for doors and windows   Roll up or roll down mesh for sliding door or windows.