Hpl Sheets

Hpl Sheets

If you are looking the products like:- exterior cladding,weather resistance (durability) Relwood and maintenance free with natural look and environment friendly for your dream house,then you are at right place.We have exact same featured products which you are looking for.Benifits of this products are:-Extremely weather resistance Heat and fire resistance Decorative Optimal light fastness Self supporting Double hardend Frost resistance
Solvent resistance Impact resistance Fade resistance Maintenance free Easy to clean Easy to install Suitable for interior as well as exterior Large panel size Environment friendl Scratch resistance.

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What is hpl?Hpl is the short form of high pressure laminate. In general terms people call it decorative panel or exterior panel that is used for front and exterior elevation. Hpl is self supporting high pressure laminate with decorative surface that is suitable for exteriors.

It is fade resistant and weather proof.It is entirely made up of layers of phenolic resin and impregnated craft papers with top decorative layer and uv protecting film.Area where hpl could be used :- Wall and facade linings Cladding of exhibition buildings Sporting and entertainment complexes Decoration of commercial sites Residential dwellingssilhouette profiles Silhouette profiles Rear ventilated facades Facade claddings Balcony claddings Partitions For railings Fences Ceilings Outdoor furniture Public facilities Playground facilities Sports facilities Sun protection Business entry portals Functional constructions Attic claddings Awnings

There are some popular brands in the market who are manufacturer of HPL sheets. Brand description Rank wise and as per Quality Leadership and Price wise worldwide.Descriptions are for Basic informative only. Caution- Name and Brand may be subject to Trademark and Copy Right of thier Respective brand- so kindly check by loging on to their company's owned website. for genuine information/Technical Specification or contact their Representative or an Architect.

  Brand Name           Origin   Price Range/sqft   Sheet Size            Thickness in MM                     Warranty    Uv Layer/Quoting

1. Fundermax -       Austria    390  -  430                9.25 x 4.25 feet       6 and above on demand          10 Years     Both Side

2. Greenlam Clad-  India      280  -   330               10  x  4.25 feet        6 and above on demand          10 Years     Both Side

3. Merino Armour - India      250  -   270                 8  x   4     feet         6 and above on demand          10 Years     Both Side

4. Century Exteria- India      240 -   260                  8  x   4    feet          6 and above on demand          10 Years    Both Side

5.Stylam HPL   -     India      240 -   260               10x4.25 or 8x4 feet   6 and above on demand          10 Years    Both Side

6.UvMax HPL -       India      190 -  210                10 x 4 or 8x4 feet      6 & above/Below on demand  10 Years     Both Side