What is acrylic solid surface?
Acrylic solid surface is basically artificial customized solid material or we can say a man-made solid material or stone with durable function and made to fulfill designer application or modern furniture, Aluminium Window, kitchen,office,this acrylic solid surface usually composed of acrylic or polyester resins, few marble dust,bauxite, and pigments etc.

Today there are basically 2 major material people are using for counter top.100% acrylic solid surface 2. Mixture of acrylic solid surface.
100% acrylic solid surface could be moulded easily upto 40 degree but mixture of acrylic solid surface ie; polyester solid surface could not be bended even.So today people have choice to choose among them as

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polyester solid surface is cheaper alternative of acrylic solid surface.And hence life span is also depends on the composition used greater or lesser for these both modern look stone. These corian can come in different color options as per need of customers.Acrylic solid sheet is generally known or used for good finishing,dashing look application,seamless designs for almost countertop installations of any kitchen surface or furniture etc.

It is also known for its durablity to provide years of low maintenance, beauty and services to almost all application.Our 100% acrylic sheets could be molds to any shape and sizes.Benifits:Our acrylic solid surface is very easy to clean and maintain and meets industry standards for fire resistance and greenguard indoor air quality certification.It can repels moisture and inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria,fungus etc..Why choose our acrylic solid surface(corian) Introduction :

We are trader,distributor,supplier,wholesaler,dealer,retailer of acrylic solid surface and polyester solid surface(artificial looking customize stone)material/sheet.We are delhi based supplier of solid surface stone.We are supplying our corian material as sheet form having size (12 feet by 2.6 feet) having thickness 6 mm and 12 mm,it can cover area upto 30 sqft plain surface. Corian can cover any area of kitchen top surface,table top,furniture counter top structure.Currently we are supplying our corian to delhi,noida,gurgaon,ncr etc,in other word you can say near to our delhi,but in coming days we are planning to cover all major states of india.

We deals in 100% acrylic solid surface material,that is an ideal material that could be used for any designer cum application purposes for residential and commercial espesially for hospitality and modular furniture or kitchen or both.Our corian ie;acrylic solid surface is in actual known for its beauty application,design flexibility,durability, aesthetics, color choices,and few more. Acrylic solid surface products are non-porous and nsf 51certified for food preparation areas. They can be applied in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance.Few major industries and modular application are fan of solid surfaces application:

Such as kitchen countertops,modular furnitures,hotels industries,designer tables,showrooms,hospitals,playrooms, schools etc.

This acrylic solid surface sheets can be fabricated and installed in almost any application with inconspicuous seams, making acrylic solid surfacetruly “solid” in surfacing materials.

The design flexibility and usability of corian, such as integrated sinks and coved back-splashes, makes it a perfect combination of beauty, design, and practicality.

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