Aluminium Door

Aluminium Door

If you are looking for economical and light weighted door system for your office/godown/store/warehouse/farmhouse or even for living room, Acp Cladding then aluminium door would be best choice comparatively with wooden door/partical board door or upvc door. As today we all prefer material that can be strong and re utilize any where and should have less maintenance,that gives trendy looks.

These aluminium doors comes in different colors or customized color,depending on need or requirement of place.

These aluminium doors majorly comes in white/off white/grey/black/brown color and for advance look teak wood/mahogini/dark wood shade is preferrable.

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Today there are many option for aluminium doors. If you have tight budget then 1 door price may be fall between 6 thousand to 8 thousands, and if you are looking for aesthetic or top quality then price may go upto 300000 rs.

These aluminium door have also safety and security features depending on the requirement of customers.As these aluminium door may have premum handles,locks,security glass or insulated glass as per the requirement. And so on.

These aluminium door may be designed according to different application like:-Single palla that is called casement door.2 palla openable in single direction that is known as french door.Casement door with mosquito net is covered in double patam door.Sliding door with mosquito net or without mosquito net.And many different option according to use.
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