Acp Cladding

Acp Cladding

What is ACP sheet used for?

Aluminum composite panel(acp) is a very easy unbreakable and strong material used for exterior cladding of building. Metal Fabricator These materials are easily foldable up to 90 degree and manageable up to any toughest application. These acp sheets are having in nature lightweight as a comparison to any hpl/stone/metal cladding application.

Aluminum composite panels come in a large number of different shades and colors. Acps are produced in a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic colors as healthy as patterns that initiate other materials such as plain, wooden, granite, etc., and used according to site elevation.

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These acp materials are also economical in comparison to hpl sheets, italian marble, etc. That is why people prefer to use this for any high volume requirement of material.

Advantages of aluminium composte panels:Anti-fungal protection. Lightweight, reducing frame loading and installation costs. Capable of being shaped and formed without loss of surface integrity. High strength and rigidity - outstanding deflection and bending strength. Short time for mounting : as result cuts down construction time.Good sound insulation - reduces unwanted vibrational noise.

Ease of installation - can be bent, cut, drilled, punched & stamped. Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature.
Excellent uv characteristics retaining colour after long exposure. Smooth paint finish and locquering - 3 layer pvdf 70% kynar - 500.

Superior flatness - ideal of creating smooth, monolithic surfaces.High impact resistance.Pollution, acid, alkali, and self-spray resistant finish.Very low coefficient of expansion.Minimal maintenance.Wide range of choice available.